Our Story

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Back in 2006, I was at home with my then 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son. I had recently left my job in banking to stay at home with both my kids on a full time basis. Both kids were napping (thank goodness) and I went out to the backyard to do a little gardening. I found myself staring at several lavender plants that were growing lavishly and were swarming with bees. I wondered to myself what I could do with all that lavender.......and there it began!

I researched how to dry lavender properly....bought a sewing machine off Ebay, went to the fabric store for the first time ever and bought myself 3 yards (clearly I had no idea that that would be way more fabric than I ever needed at the beginning) of Blue's Clues fabric! Sewing machine arrived, I read the manual and out popped a lavender sachet! I thought perfect...it's a kid's version of the old grandma like lavender sachet in white linen with an embrioidered lavender flower that we all know too well!

I showed the kids my creation and allowed them to name the business....since they were little, they referred to the scent as "whiffy" and the sachet looked like a "bean bag"....so voila we were now Whiffy Bean Bags!

During the next 10+ years, we added to our product line and eventually began to devote all our time to the "Whiffy Ice" as our family called it.  It was like a lavender sachet but filled with flax seed and lavender. The flax seed allowed for it to be used as a heating pad or an ice pack.

During this period, we continued to sell our Whiffys on various social media platforms but also moved our family twice, added to our family and began other ventures. We now find ourselves in a position to devote 110% of our time to Whiffy Bean Bags!

Our family (along with 3 sewing machines) lives in Los Angeles, California where we hand make all our products. All Whiffy Bean Bags are fully CPSIA compliant.