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No cords, no plugs, no dripping ice water down little arms. Stay warm or cold just as long as any child will actually sit still after a fall. Calming scent and soft feel in fun fabrics.  Send your child on their way and now you can relax with aromatic herbs, lulling you into calming tranquility just in time for another kid mishap!


I'm in my second trimester and I was having debilitating sciatic pinching. I love that this heats up so much faster than boiling water for a hot water bottle, and I can target my pain better.  I chose lavender, and I often move it to my pillow to allow the scent to sooth me to sleep.


Absolutely LOVE the lavender smell! It calms ME down when I'm trying to soothe my LO from a bump. Thank you!


My son smashed his finger in the door this week at my friend's house. So I went home and grabbed my whiffy ice and he was ALL about it. Swelling went down, and he was "all better." These are cute, smell good, and work great!


Whiffy Bean Bags are handmade in Los Angeles, California USA.

All Whiffys are fully CPSIA compliant.