Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand

Mothers, yogis, and nurturers of all types know the importance of soothing scents, muscle relaxation, and a good night’s rest but those can elude both comforters and their charges. Channeling the timeless power of hot and cold therapy, Whiffy microwavable heating pads were created to offer the discerning yet distressed the best ice packs and the best hot pack on the market. 

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Bespoke Style and Handcraftsmanship

As part of our promise to offer you the best reusable ice packs and the best reusable hot pack, we are committed to pairing comfort with craftsmanship. Each of these microwavable heating pads are expertly created in our Los Angeles, California studio where we constantly source the most delightful designs to create our product lines. 

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perfectly sized solutions

Available in four different sizes, Whiffys can be used for a variety of needs and at any age for superior pain relief. As each of these handcrafted hot cold packs can be used as ice packs or as a microwavable heating pad, they are effective for a variety of needs ranging from migraines for moms to stomachaches or ear ache for our kids.

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aromatherapy for sleep and serenity

By using all-natural ingredients within our hot and cold compresses, we are committing to keeping our families and our environment healthy. Flaxseed provides a comfortable yet hefty weight and dried herbs are hand selected and blended to create a calming charm that works every time in your microwavable heating pad and/or ice pack.

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hot and cold relief

Cold therapy provides relief from inflammation whereas hot therapy relaxes muscles; both therapies are available by either popping your Whiffy into the microwave or freezer, respectively. Equally ideal for soothing a sprained muscle with icy relief or treating your girlfriends to a spa night with hot gossip, Whiffys are there for your well-being. 

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relax and rejuvenate

Take a deep breath, inhale the calming scents of herbs, and feel the tension move out of your muscles and into the soothing embrace of a Whiffy microwavable heating hot pack. Meant for mothers and fathers, little ones and bigger little ones, each of these hot packs or ice packs are designed by a nurturer, for those in need of nurturing.  

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