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Our Story

In 2006, I left my corporate job to stay home with my young kids. An entrepreneur at heart, I sought something to keep me creatively engaged during nap time. With a new sewing machine, three yards of fabric, flax seed, and dried lavender, Whiffy was born.

As someone who values natural remedies and comforting solutions, I wanted to create a product that provided gentle relief and calm. Our handmade Whiffys combine warmth and cold therapy with aromatic herbs like lavender to offer soothing comfort amidst life’s daily demands. Whether you’re nursing a sore back, soothing a headache, or just winding down after a long day, these versatile packs can help melt your stress away.

Over the years, our family and business have grown and relocated to Los Angeles, California. Yet every Whiffy is still made by hand to your specifications, with your comfort in mind. Each pack is carefully crafted using beautiful fabrics and flax seed to bring you an experience that’s both practical and pretty.

Let Whiffy be part of your journey to finding peace and comfort amidst life's busy demands