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A Walk Down Memory Lane

A Walk Down Memory Lane

In 2006 in Napa, California, Leah Warson was looking to pass the time while her 2 children (ages 3 and 1 at the time) napped. After a little thought, she purchased a sewing machine on Ebay and some fabric at a local fabric store and taught herself to sew. With a backyard full of lavender bushes, she ultimately learned to dry lavender sprigs and harvested lavender buds.  The goal was to create lavender sachets in "kid fabrics"  that could be used in her kids' clothes drawers. After making the prototype, her kids were quick to point out that they looked like bean bags and they smelled "whiffy". Hence Whiffy Bean Bags was born.

During the next 15 years, Whiffy Bean Bags offered lavender sachets along with other products including what was originally called the "Whiffy Ice". The Whiffy Ice was similar to a sachet however it was filled with flax seed and dried lavender and could be warmed in the microwave or kept cold in the freezer. Originally a product designed for children, the Whiffy Ice eventually became a favorite amongst kids and adults alike. Eventually dropping the "Ice" from the name, Whiffys are now offered in many different fabrics, in 4 sizes to accommodate all aches and pains and your choice of lavender, peppermint, chamomile or unscented.  

The exciting part, now in 2021 is that Whiffy Bean Bags is getting a new look and a new website! Sharing with you our favorite fabric selections and offering you a better buying experience, we can't wait to launch!

Click here to shop all our new Whiffys!

Coming Winter 2021!

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